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the mayor has decided this is a political demonstration the police need to layoff how the occupied movement plans to take over part of san francisco's banking district. weekend commuting nightmare big problem that caused major delays on part. six months later and no trace of sierra lamar friends and family honored the teen. one year since the occupy movement began tonight occupy bay area united plans a gathered to mark the anniversary the turnout is disappointing. don knapp on how of the tactic against the 1% shapes up either was an ambitious plan
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that did not work out the plan to have a lot of people on the sidewalk in front of a former bankamerica building a lot of people did not show up. if your people and your tents and more targets? activist occupations go this is a small one a handful of protesters a couple of tents and frustration it could be the new tactic an example to show people if they are frustrated they can get a bunch of friends and go and occupy occupy is a powerful political tactic not necessarily about getting thousands of people in the streets only a relatively few occupiers showed up at the 5:00 p.m. start time but more are trickling in. barricades are waiting for them protecting this culture and other areas of the eight pg need plaza. their targeting bank of america
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center that houses offices of wall street companies that represent corruption and unchecked power. in july cbs 5 mike sugerman checked in and found the movement alive and well if not low-key mayor ed lee has decided this is a political demonstration there for the police need to layoff. police officers that currently in california stand back unless complaints are filed tomorrow afternoon things could get dicey when other groups show up affiliated groups come here after a day of action around the city they will come here and do a demonstration about debt a low profile of than in the financial district in sunday night will see help plays tomorrow when everyone returns. drivers in san francisco in
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for a major detour to make way for the annual technology of that our street between third and fourth streets closed until next saturday to clear traffic for the dream force conference at mosconi center. more than 70,000 people registered in the largest clout computing event ever met. drivers are urged to use folsom or harrison streets and. bart runs on time tonight after a train stopped and passengers reported hearing explosions. the civic center station evacuate it as smoke poured out from underground elissa harrington with more on the real source of today's delay. this picture posted on twitter shows a plume of smoke over the civic center bart station, firefighters got a call about a possible explosion at
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1:45 p.m. the bomb squad roldan and the downtown bart station closed down. passengers were told it would not be stopping at civic center. turns out there's no fire, a malfunction on the tracks that caused the smoke bart officials plan an overload of the motor that damage the rail sirte rail is the power line they don't know if something touchdown and also touch the tracks which then can cause what appears to be an explosion or shorting of the system here's a look at the damage, a blackened wall and you could see a dent in the third rel. one woman was treated for smoke inhalation a thin market street was closed for almost an hour. the ventilation system is here on market street the train is inspected at railyard and bar service back to normal.
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the train was coming in from pittsburgh a point i was on the following train, we got stopped in the trans bay tube while they move this on to a different trap so they can avoid stopping at civic center station. all trains back to normal on time elissa harrington cbs 5 a four hour standoff with north police said a motel 6 and peaceably this morning. officers tried to serve a warrant to a suspect of a violent crime. after several failed negotiations a swat team called in. the suspect finally came out of the room the suspects pregnant girlfriend and baby also in the room. 53 year-old man arrested in connection with a boding crash that killed two people and injured two people. jefferies and out of auburn have been under the influence of
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alcohol when power in one of the two boats involved in the collision he is charged with manslaughter that happened last night at inglebright lake in yuba county. police are still investigating. today marks six months since sierra lamar last seen. family and friends gathered in morgan hill to mark the milestone. she disappeared while walking to school on march 16th cruz announced they no longer will got on wednesday still focus attention on saturday searches. missing sierra that still there, just wanting her to be home with us redding of a prayer request i felt touched by it told me she is not been forgotten a 21 year-old man charged with lamar's murder prosecutor said lamar's dna was found in
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his car. authorities have suspended the search for a man of may have drowned in napa river this morning investigators say two men fishing in napa county just before 3 this morning police received reports one of the man jose man got ya had fallen in the water. one neighbor said she heard splashing and yelling in spanish but sounds faded after a few minutes a pair of tennis shoes have been discovered where the victim was seen the search resumes tomorrow. law enforcement from across the state gathers in fairfield for attributed to their fellow officers killed in line of duty. today the final day of the fallen officer shooting competition, participants can as far away from santa barbara to test shooting speed and accuracy
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the recent death of chp officer youngstrom on everyone's mind. this is in honor of the officers of solano county but also the officer recently worked for the c h p that was killed was a fairfield resident is close to home for us. all proceeds donated to fairfield youth sports leagues. the emotional ceremony at the reno air races to record remember the 11 people killed at last year's a van. a parachute landing from an army veteran among the tributes balloons were released for each of the 11 victims killed when a modified air plan lost control and crashed into a grandstand. organizers say the resilience of those affected inspired them to keep going he looked me in the eye and said, you better run these races
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next year because my family will come back and we will be here, and they are here. 60 people injured in the crash organizers met safety changes, including moving fans ceding further away from the race course. was an impulse of or premeditated officials disagree over the attack that killed four americans in libya well a enough of those people bother to vote the strong voter base political analyst joe touman talks about and the effect in the east bay and the effort to get rid of voter apathy we have the back to work forecast, it is chillier than we have been accustomed to plus a look,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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campaign 2012 a busy week for both presidential candidates they travel through battleground states. less than two months before election day. president obama goes through
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ohio tomorrow later in the week he goes to new york florida and virginia and wisconsin challenger mitt romney courts latino voters in los angeles and speak truth the hispanic chamber of commerce and interview with telemundo he is expected to hold fund-raising events in utah texas and florida to be seen by some as worse a message in a tight presidential race african american clergy see no good candidate in the race for president won two is a mormon and the other back same-sex marriage. anne mackovic with more. sunday at mount zion church in berkeley for some of that means time to talk politics i don't make recommendations mai on a push to make sure the vote and double a c p is sensing
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apathy obama won over 95 percent of black voters expected to get an overwhelming majority again but cannot afford to lose much of the base. the president came out in support of same sex marriage. a touchy issue yes it is his mitt romney is mormon a religion that once barred men of african descent from priesthood. for a politician i don't think their religious background or denomination i believe what they can do for the people and at that change in our nation that is what is important sherry this is about rights r i g h t s the president of the in a acp came to campaign against proposition 34 joe touman says a lot riding
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on enthusiasm de lima for the president well a lot of those people bother to vote like most americans will then make a difference to get them the edge to beat romney. they should get excited this is a real opportunity for their voice to be hurt. anne mackovic cbs 5 how did the u.s. attack on the embassy and then guys he began? there is disagreement. about the attack that killed the united states ambassador and three other americans duarte geraldino says anti-american protests take place throughout the muslim world demonstrators burned the american flag and threw rocks at police outside the u.s. consulate in pakistan hundreds of people broke through a barrier near the complex officials say the u.s. death in
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sight is safe. at least one protesters dead and several others injured during a protest against the anti islam movie produced in america exploded this past week ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans died in the consulate in benghazi september 11th. on face the nation susan rice said evidence shows that attack began as a spontaneous protest. there were extremist elements that joined in an escalated the violence but this man disagrees and told bob schieffer it was premeditated the way the perpetrators acted and moved and choosing the specific date for this demonstration this leaves us with no doubt this was preplanned libyan officials say they've arrested 50 people and
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connection to the benghazi attack. the fbi also investigates and the u.s. government is increasing security to protect u.s. personnel duarte geraldino cbs news the last week of summer and brian hackney with the forecast we cool down a bit in the bay area the numbers will come down every day nothing dramatic still plenty warm inland. fairfield 9189 livermore. some fog comes in on the shoreline you see the golden gate. the marine layer is about 1,700 ft.. low pressure moves in. it moves the a marine layer. none is much fought tonight as last night. 58 degrees at concord, at the airport 55 degrees, 50 santa rosa, the call and will continue
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through midweek then a little bit of a warm up but the cool down it or warm up nothing to write home about. high pressure in oregon weekends over the next few days by pressure comes down and temperatures followed. we have plenty of sunshine but low clouds to start tomorrow morning. the coast will be cloudy, clearing earlier, future cast shows low clouds along the shoreline and at sunrise everything pulls back away from the shoreline and we get sunshine. if your headed to the airport 65 with westerlies to 25 mi. per hour, for l.a. in denver chicago and new york a party cloudy skies. 84 in los angeles.
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lows tonight mostly in the '50s for the bay area. south bay the numbers come down a bit. east bay still plenty warm, not as warm as it has been the past few days. napa's 77 degrees, dublin 78. north bay very nice temperatures in the lower to mid-seventies. san francisco tomorrow 61. oakland tops out 66 degrees warming up mid-week. back to work monday with plenty of sunshine. the price at the pump and flex spend why it is not coming down. coming up on game day inside the 49ers locker room with hear
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why jim harbaugh vern glenn in miami and the king college football stanford head coach david shaw our guest following ♪ opera love it. (crying) ally, ally oh, same dress yeah, you want to get up off the floor? i do. okay. vo: from the new to the hard-to-find: when it's on your mind it's on ebay™.
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those
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most paints have color that sits on the surface. but nothing beats benjamin moore's color lock technology that locks color right in, no matter how often you wash it. color lock technology. exclusively from your benjamin moore retailer. win a design consultation with me, candice olson, at gas prices have risen 5¢ in the past week, the national average price of $3.87 per gallon and 16¢ from a month ago
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and 24¢ from a year ago. prices normally decline after labor day and number of factors have led to an uptick. among them tensions in middle east, the german bailout of the euros zone and u.s. refinery shutdown. you can find the best prices in our online gas guide check out our pump patrol at cbs s f dot com. new lease on life for san francisco is only outdoor shooting range. the deadline for the pacific rod and gun club to vacate suspended indefinitely. the club was said to be vacated last month after failing to agree on a new lease, the range has met the criteria for increasing its liability insurance. houston we have a problem space
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latest entry in the resident evil franchise debate debuted at the top of the box office. resident evil/retribution rent and $21 million in the west. rhee release of pixar finding nemo a close second, the
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possession of lawless and pair norman round out the top five. whether pos bones the last flight of space shuttle endeavor the flight on top of the 747 to southern california expected to take off first thing tuesday morning and will arrive loss angeles thursday you may be able to see it it is conducted scheduled to conduct low-level fly overs of the bay area. it will be a museum,,,,,,,,
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